Kashmir is the northwestern region of Indian subcontinent which is also known as the “Heaven on the Earth” as the land is very beautiful. Kashmir is geographically denoted only valley between the Great Himalayas and Pir Panjal Mountain range. When Kashmir, the word comes in mind the picture of beautiful land comes in mind with snow capped mountains, mesmerizing waterfalls, panoramic views, beautiful gardens, lovely houses boats and shikaras. The valley is one of the most popular tourist’s destinations in India having number of tourist’s attractions and the land itself is very beautiful that everyone wants to visit. But sometimes it is very risky to visit Kashmir because some areas are banned for the tourists. Many sacred temples are also located in Kashmir and in the nearby areas and therefore the region is visited by most of the tourists from all over the world.

The panoramic splendour of Kashmir does not require any introduction. The sensational place is known for its spellbound beauty and exquisite nature! As you step into Kashmir, you may feel as if God painted the amazing palce. You will remain awestruck with the scintillating paradise on earth.

Blend with nature

If you are ought to tour in Kashmir, you must remember to visit certain places. Hemmed between the Kashmir valley and the serene Himalayan range, you will find plenty of sights to relax vacation and explore. A very important place in Kashmir would be the “Dal Lake”. This is a sensational consign for morning walks. The meadows of Sonamarg and Pahelgam. These sites have beautiful temples and shrines. The one-of-kind architecture and art will leave you mesmerized. Meanwhile, don’t forget to visit Pir Pranjal, Karakoram and Zanskar. These are rare parts of the Himalayan mountain range. Across these vistas you will see lustrous trees and purple flowers. The fragrant Mughal gardens will certainly blow you off your feet. The beauty and vibrant colours in this region will definitely not disappoint you!

Time for some adventure!

Adventure is another term that describes Kashmir tours. The rivers, lakes and mountains are renowned for legends and ancient myths. For instance, Drass, Gulmarg and Sonamarg have so much to off. Similarly, you should trek in rocky regions like Khilanmarg and Naga Parbat. These are splendid valleys that will give you a never-like-this experience during summer and winter. On the whole, Kashmir tours will help you kill stress and break away from the big city’s hustle in style!


Suresh Agarwal

What actually I was expecting about Kashmir, in real it is Millions of times more enjoyable place.If anybody want to get experience of Live Heaven, then there is no such example of Heaven except Kashmir.The service provided by eco-friendz is simply awesome.Thanks

Mahmoud Hoter

Kashmir no doubt is the most visiting destination in world. You just will feel holidaying in paradise.Eco-friends make my trip the most memorable and a heartful thanks to the team who help me in every way ...

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